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Director's Word of Welcome

Welcome to ISMMM, The Higher Institute Of Fashion Crafts Of Monastir which belongs to the University of Monastir. It is a modern, promising and forward-looking institution. The Institute was created According to Decree No. 126 of 14/01/2003, in response to the strategic plan for the development of the Textile-Clothing sector in Tunisia.

The Higher Institute Of Fashion Crafts Of Monastir ;  is the first public institution in Africa and the Arab world internationally recognized as a pioneer in higher  education for design, fashion, art, communications, and fashion business management. Our institute pays particular attention to openness to its socio-economic environment in order to create a permanent space of exchange that can boost positive interactivity and enhance the synergies that result from it. Another strategic axis in its training policy is the international development through the establishment of cooperation with Italian, Spanish, French and Belgian universities.

ISMMM is known for its rigorous, unique, and adaptable academic programming, experiential learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

ISMMM students are our major asset. Our future strategies consist among others in encouraging and preparing them for professional excellence in design and business, our broader ethos is to foster creativity, inspire leadership, impart a global perspective, and educate students to embrace inclusiveness, commit to sustainability, and engage with community.

ISMMM website was therefore designed to provide our students with ISMMM news and information about programs and courses. They can browse our website using smart phones or tablets under WINDOWS, ANDROID and APPLE environments. It is also a tool used by teachers to communicate with their students allowing hence access to course materials, class schedules, exam results, seminars and study days, cultural and sports activities, and other information.

The other asset, which strengthens the motivation of our young students, is our dynamic teaching staff, composed of teachers who strive to ensure the fulfillment of the institute’s mission and objectives. The institute relies also on a committed, involved and efficient administrative team.

The director

Taoufik HARIZI



Directeur de l’Institut
Dr. HARIZI Taoufik Email :  tharizi@yahoo.fr    ou  taoufikharizi@gmail.com

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE  103
Fax: 73 464 212

Directeur des études et des stages
Dr. Faouzi Khedher Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE
Fax: 73 464 212

Secrétaire Générale 
Mme. Najla Tabka Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE  102
Fax: 73 464 212

Bureau d’ordre, secrétaire de direction et service enseignant
Mme. Dalel Krir Ben Afia Email :  dalelkrir@yahoo.fr

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE  104
Fax: 73 464 212

Responsable du Service Scolarité 
Mme. Khmiri Abir


Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE  110
Fax: 73 464 212


Service Scolarité
Mme. Olfa Mahjoub El Ghali

Mme. Aida Zneidia

Mme. Nejia Naoui


Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE  108
Fax: 73 464 212

Service Examens 
M. Wahid Debabi

Mme. Faten Jaza


Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE
Fax: 73 464 212

Service des Stages et Service MASTER
M. Lotfi Aloulou Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE  107
Fax: 73 464 212

Service Financier

Mme.Tamem Trimech

Mme. Najeh Btach


Email :

Tél : 73 461 423        POSTE  113
Fax : 73 464 212

Service Informatique
Mme. Rihab Gharbi Email :

Tél: 73 461 423        POSTE
Fax: 73 464 212

Service maintenance (Technicien de labo)
M.Riadh Ayed

Mme.Awatef Baccari

Email :

Tél : 73 461 423        POSTE  116 (labo de confection)
Fax : 73 464 212

Directeur de département design du textile et de la mode
Dr. MARZOUGUI Saber Email : depdtis3m@gmail.com

Tél : 73 461 423        POSTE  109

Fax : 73 464 212

Le département design du textile et de la mode dispose d’un programme pédagogique pluridisciplinaire en s’appuyant sur les compétences de trois filières :

03 licences professionnelles en Design Produit :

  • Design Textile
  • Design Habillement (Stylisme-Modélisme)
  • Design Accessoires de la mode

02 licences professionnelles co-construites :

  • Art des traitements des articles confectionnés
  • Lingerie féminine, balnéaire et corsetterie

02 masters professionnels en design

  • Design et création textile
  • Design de mode
Directrice de département management du textile et de la mode
Dr. ZAOUALI Raja Email : management.is3m@gmail.com

Tél : 73 461 423        POSTE  109
Fax : 73 464 212

Le département management du textile et de la mode de l’Institut Supérieur des Métiers de la Mode de Monastir (IS3M) offre :

02 licences professionnelles en management du textile et de la mode à savoir :

  • Licence professionnelle en gestion commerciale
  • Licence professionnelle en gestion industrielle

01 licence professionnelle co-construite ‘Méthode et productique’

01 master professionnel en management du textile et de la mode

Nom et prénom Fonction Email
M. HARIZI Taoufik Président tharizi@yahoo.fr
M. Khedher Faouzi Directeur des études et des stages faouzikhedher@yahoo.fr
Mme. Najla Tabka Rapporteur najla.tabka@gmail.com
M. Merzougui Saber Directeur de département design sabermarzougui18478@gmail.com
Mme. Zaouali Raja Directeur de département management zaouali_raja@yahoo.fr
Mme. Ikram Zbali Membre Ikram.zbali@gmail.com
M. Neji Ladhari Membre neji.ladhari@isetkh.rnu.tn
M. Noureddine El hani Membre nourihani@gmail.com
Mme.Jihene Trabelssi Kraiem Membre Jihen.kraiem.mode@gmail.com
Mme.Sihem Nasr Khouaja Membre sihhem_nasr@yahoo.fr
Mme. Ibtissem Mustpha Harzallah Membre mustpha_ibtissem@yahoo.fr
M.Dhafer Ben Khalifa Membre dhafer.benkhalifa@gmail.com
M. Adnen Hamza Représentant industriel direction@mahdco.com
M. Sami Miledi Représentant industriel sami.newacoben@topnet.tn
M. jalel Bel hadj Khalifa Représentant industriel jalel.bhk@mfcpole.com.tn
Mme. Rim Charradi Représentant industriel rym.charradi@cettex.com.tn


Département Enseignants Statut Spécialité Email
Design T&M M. Neji Ladhari Pr Génie textile neji.ladhari@isetkh.rnu.tn
Design T&M M. Noureddine ELHeni Pr Art plastique nourihani@gmail.com
Design T&M M. Saber Marzougui MA Génie textile sabermarzougui15478@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Asma Ayed Amara MA Génie textile asma_amra@yahoo.fr
Design T&M Mme Feriel Bouatay MA Génie textile bouatay_feriel@hotmail.com
Design T&M Mme Ikram Zbali MA Génie textile ikram.zbali@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Imen Maatouk MA Génie textile mimenn03@yahoo.fr
Design T&M Mme Narjes Rjiba MA Génie textile narjes.rjiba@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Chefia Issaoui MA Génie textile issaoui_chefia@yahoo.fr
Design T&M M. Ahmed A. Kraeim AS Art plastique ahmedkraiem@gmail.com
Design T&M M. Dhafer Ben Khlifa AS Design dhafer.benkhalifa@gmail.com
Design T&M M. Foued Rzigue AS design textile fouedrzig@gmail.com
Design T&M M. Walid Ghariani AS Design textile walidmode@yahoo.fr
Design T&M M. Zied MSOLLI AS design textile zied.msolli@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Fatma Ressaissi AS Art plastique f_ressaissi@yahoo.fr
Design T&M Mme Hajer Souid AS Génie textile hajersouid2016@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Imen sallem AS Art /Stylisme imenmode@yahoo.fr
Design T&M Mme Ines Gharbi AS Art plastique jilani.ines@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Ines MHALLA AS design textile inesmhallak@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Jihen Trabelsi AS Graphisme jihen.kraiem.mode@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Lamia CHAIEB AS design produit lamiachaieb5@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Leila Chemmem AS Design leilachamamz@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Leila Meddeb AS Design image missmeddeb@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Maha Mkachar AS Art plastique maha.mkacher@hotmail.fr
Design T&M Mme Mouna BEN ALI AS Art plastique benalimouna@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Nada Ouederni AS Design Produit nada.ouederni@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Thouraya Hamdi AS Génie textile thourayahamdi@yahoo.fr
Design T&M M. Saber SKHIRI PES Informatique saber-skhiri@yahoo.fr
Design T&M M. Sohnoun Kallala PES Art plastique sohnoun.kallala@hotmail.fr
Design T&M Mme Anissa Benzarti PES Anglais anissa.benzarti@icloud.com
Design T&M Mme Boutheina Achour PES Art /Stylisme achourbouta@yahoo.com
Design T&M Mme Jamila Safta PES Art plastique jamylasafta@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Lamia Touhami PES Art plastique touhamilamia29@gmail.com
Design T&M Mme Manel ABDEJJALIL PES Anglais abj.manel@gmail.com
Management M. Harizi Taoufik MA Génie textile tharizi@yahoo.fr
Management M. Jaafer Fadhel MA Génie textile jaafarfadhel@gmail.com
Management M. Khedher Faouzi MA Génie textile faouzikhedher@yahoo.fr
Management M. SAADALLAH Seifedine MA Génie textile seyfoune@hotmail.fr
Management Mme Abdejlil Radhia MA Génie textile abdjelilradhia@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Abid  Lobna MA Management lobnaabid82@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Faouzia Zaghouani MA Genie textile melianearef@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Mustapha Ibtissem MA Marketing mustapha_ibtissem@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Sayeb Soumaya MA Génie textile soumaessayeb@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Zaouali Raja MA Génie textile zaouali_raja@yahoo.fr
Management M. Ncibi  Nizar AS Mathématiques ncibin@yahoo.fr
Management M. Triki Aymen AS Informatique trigui.aymen@gmail.com
Management Mme Amina NACEUR AS Mathématiques naceuramina@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Drissi  Imen AS Finances imenedrissi2002@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Ennouri Dorra AS Economie nouridorra@gmail.com
Management Mme Kammoun Samiha AS Marketing kammoun.samiha@gmail.com
Management Mme Khouaja Sihem AS Marketing sihhem_nasr@yahoo.fr
Management Mme Melliti Monia PES Anglais mellitimonia@yahoo.fr