The Higher Institute of the Trades of Fashion:

Création: 2003

The Higher Institute of the Trades of Fashion ( or IS3M, as it's known), was created according to the n° 126 decree dated on 14 januaury 2003, in response to the strategic plan of development of the Textile-Clothing Sector in Tunisia.

Duration of the studies: 3 years.

• 2 years and half of theoretical and practical studies.
• 2 professional trainings.
• 1 training for the project of end of studies during the 2 nd Semester of the 3 rd year.



The IS3M trains high level technicianswith National Diplomas of licence applied in 6 complementary specialities :

In Design:

1)Textile design

2) Stylism

3) Model Mailing

4) Fashion Accessories Design.

In production:

5) Clothes industry

In Trade :

6) Technical-commercial in clothing


Based on the principles of innovation and creativity, the IS3M is the first and the single public institute to be located at a university level in Tunisia, Maghreb as well as in all countries of the Arab world. Its mission is:

To train specialists of the Textile-clothing Sector.

To create an interactive team coithin the textile-clothinge enterprise.

To develop Training schemes adapted to the needs of the enterprise.

The opening of the Institute on the cultural as well as the socio-economic environments.


- From 2003 to 2005, the IS3M, worked in partnership with the high school Francisco Ferrer, Department Applied Arts of Brussels in Belgium.

-A membre partner of the " the Euromediterranean City of Fashion Project" in Marseille.

- In collaboration with the vice-chancellorship of Monastir and the National School of Engineers of Monastir (ENIM), the IS3M signed a convention partnership in 2005 with (CETTEX), the technical center of textiles..


The opening of the Institute on the socio-economic environments